All About Alabama Food

If the south is anywhere on your radar or on your taste buds, think specifically Alabama.  Down
home southern comfort is at best from what I’ve experienced in Alabama and the food is even
more spectacular.  Tour Alabama, the official web site for
the state’s tourism industry has announced 2005 as “The Year of Alabama Food” and from North to South it’s very easy to
see why. 

Alabama foods are packed with as much diversity as the people that reside in the various
regions.  For instance, you’ll find delicious dishes like soft-shell crab Po-Boys, gumbo, apple cheese
casserole all in the Gulf Coast with fried rabbit and jerked pork tenderloin & peach papaya salsa in
metro regions. 

The web site is full of restaurant information,
food festivals, and even the story behind
fried green tomatoes which people really do eat.  I haven’t
had my share to date, but I’m hoping someone will send a care package my way.  I’d sure appreciate