Make Tacos

In the past I have posted some pretty tricky recipes for exotic foods across the globe.  I did this
thinking perhaps many of you are pretty swift in the kitchen or could at least follow a
recipe enough not to burn your house down.  Today’s recipe isn’t as thrilling or complicated as most, but I
am surprised at the number of people who say they know how to make
tacos and then pull out a box of ready made shells!  The
horror!  I’m going to save my lecture on how learning to cook foods from another region does more
for embracing cultures than dining at your local ethnic eating spot and being a critic or ooohing at how delicious
and exotic and spicy and flavorful everything tastes.  You already know that.

Without further delay today’s recipe comes from
Mex-recipes and you’re going to bring the smells and taste of
Mexican Beef Taco’s from scratch into your home.  When
you really get good at it, you can doctor them up as you wish, but for now let’s stick to the basics.  And happy