Cool or Lame? Going Postal

Here’s another cool or lame feature for you to weigh in

I am trying to get my head around this one. The
concept’s not that difficult, but I am trying
to sort out whether this is cool or lame.
Kyle Macdonald is carting hundreds of
postcards to the Galapagos Islands that are unstamped but addressed to
people from all over the world. The idea then is that people, other tourists, will go there, remove a postcard from the
bin and hand-deliver it to the addressee, thus adding a personal touch to the delivery and allowing the deliverer to
continue their own travel adventures. I suppose this is cool if say the addressee lives in Hawaii. But what if they
live in, say, Bakersfield?

Seems like a lot of work, but maybe a neat way to foster international understanding? Cool or lame?

(via Antsaint)