Kiev: Another “New” Prague

Reading about parts of Eastern Europe these days it seems every rundown old town that was once under communism is
now the “new Prague”. I celebrated Slovakia as such just
recently (bit I have a couple of good friends from the region, and they assured me it was a great place…so there). And
now, from the land of breaded chicken (yummy), comes word that the new Prague is really to be found in the Ukraine. Ah
is the new Prague

Well, any way you slice your chicken Kiev, the fact of the matter is, the growing interest in these places is great
news for them and the world. Despite the “Americanization” of places like Prague, it is still far better to have them
become modern and open to the world than the closed-off Commie backwaters that they have been. So check out the article
on Kiev, and see if it might be worth a trip.