Segway Centaur

OK, file this one under gear, even though I suspect very few of us will ever own one. But check out
the newest transportation device from Dean Kamen and the folks at Segway.
If the new Centaur does not spark childish fascination in you, then, as Russell Crowe might have put it, you are
already dead. This futuristic buggy uses the patented stabilizing technology of the original Segway (the one that is
more like a scooter), but the Centaur is designed for off-roading. I actually got to ride a Segway the day they were
publicly released and loved it…though I have a hard time imagining myself owning one. But these might just turn out to
be a hit. I am already imagining all sorts of
interesting new sports that will emerge in
Silicon Valley when/if these become popular.