Cool or Lame: Your Passport, Senor

Frick! Here’s a story to ruin your day. According
to this article, U.S.
travelers to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda will soon need passports to return to the United States under a
new terrorism prevention policy.

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (oh, who the hell comes up with these sweet-sounding names for crappy
policies anyway…i.e. The Patriot Act), will be phased in by 2008 in three proposed stages. it will also require
nationals of those countries and territories to present passports when entering the United States.

As most of us know, crossing to and from the United States and its North American neighbors now requires only a
drivers’ licenses or other identification. What will this mean for all the Americans (some 80%) who DON’T have

Lame lame lame.