America’s Most Endangered Historic Places

Here’s something to pay attention to if you were in a dark closet on Pluto or had absolutely no
clue, the
National Trust for Historic Preservation
puts out this list every year of some of America’s most endangered historic spots.  Of course the best thing to do
is take action if we don’t want the little pieces of the past to crumble away into the modern world, but if taking
action requires too much energy then take a vacation.  That’s right.  This may be the only chance you’ll get
to see some of the cool sites like, Nine Mile
Canyon in Utah

Often referred to as, “the world’s longest art gallery,”  the canyon has more than 10,000 images carved into
it’s walls by Native Americans.  It has been on the endangered list for sometime as certain folks who lack
interest in the doodles on the walls would rather make it an industrial zone.  This is only one of America’s great
bits of history on the brink of extinction. You can find about other sites and how to get involved at the
National Trust for Historic Preservation