Ethics: Visiting an “Outpost of Tyranny”

What an interesting question is asked in this
in the Christian Science Monitor: is it ethical to visit places that are rife with corruption, human rights
abuses and are just generally have a whiff of evil about them?

For example, what about taking a trip to a place like Zimbabwe, where strongman-President Robert Mugabe has encouraged
the takeover of white-owned farms, closed independent newspapers, and restricted political opposition. Just today
he’s in the news about the
widespread election fraud that has tainted the recent elections there. Is this a place you should be spending your
dollars? Supporting an economy that supports someone like Mugabe (quick aside: is it just me, or every time you hear
Mugabe you think of Will Ferrell in Zoolander?) is hardly the best way to show you care about what’s happening in parts
of the world.

Or, as a person quoted in the article says, “From the ground level, you’re supporting individuals who have done
nothing wrong.”

Interesting question indeed.