Getting Your Items Back

Here’s a topic dear to my heart: Airport Security.

Over the last five years I have lost six pocket knives. Not just regular old pocket knives, but kick ass Swiss Army
knives, one of which was monogrammed and taken away because I was late for a light and absolutely could NOT go back and
check it. There really have been any decent solutions. You re found with a knife and given the opportunity to go back
to check in and check your object (and then you have to get back in the end of the security line), or else you
surrender the knife.

Of course, the brain-dead security people at the airport just take your items and shrug. They dump them into locked
metal boxes and go on with their miserable jobs (I now, harsh, but I really think it’s overdone, getting so concerned
about a knife with a 1 ½ inch blade.

Anyway, the point of all this is that there are
now solutions.  A
new kiosk system at certain airports will allow
you to send your items back to yourself. It’s a great idea who’s time has come.