Searching for Old Florida

Indian River County may not have the pampering or five star luxury in all of Florida, but the
discoveries here are a little more punchy and a lot more
exotic. Christopher Elliot and Kari Haugeto of Tripso
explore the Marsh Landing restaurant where Ben Bishop, General Manager, is eager to have them taste the turtle
soup.  Tiny samplings of alligator, catfish and frog legs had already been placed in front of them before
Bishop came dashing out with the soup, but these are the tastes that make up ‘Old Florida.’ 

Not everyone will be anxious to experience exotic reptiles and will probably want to stick to new Florida in that
case, but there’s still much more to consider.  Like the Indian River Groves where fresh grown Navel oranges, Ruby
Red grapefruit and Honeybell Tangelos can be found for miles.  The citrus here is said to be some of the sweetest
and juiciest in the world.  With all the reptiles aside I think juicy oranges is definitely worth a stop
if you’re already on your way into other popular Florida destinations.  Indian River County is located two hours
southeast of Orlando.