Billy’s Crossing

A heck of a story from the BBC about a young
African whose lifelong desire was to get to Europe. Problem is, to do so, he’d have to cross the entire expanse of the
Sahara, probably the most formidable regions of the world. He reaches Morocco, where he smuggles himself into the
Spanish enclave of Ceuta and finds work in Italy, where he has been given a residence permit. The story is part of an
excellent BBC series on migration. We here in the US are aware of migration issues where Mexico is concerned, but the
issue is one that all developing nations are dealing with. These are rough stories of folks escaping the awful places
they live for another life. Sometimes makes the whole travel thing seem a bit, well, trivial. Or at least, one feels
immensely lucky to have the freedom of movement we do.

Read the story. This is true
balls. Desperate, sad and ballsy.