Book Corner with Stephanie Kong

STA Traveler, Stephanie Kong is proud of her
copy of Wendy Dale’s, “Avoiding
Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals: Adventures in Love and Danger.”
It is dirty, torn, wrinkled, and
abused from all sorts of travel and luggage mishaps which by the end of her trip somehow resembled Stephanie
herself.  She shares moments like diving into a Moroccan ravine head first and how every traveler young or young
at heart can find a similar experience in the book. 

Though this book may be a little light and airy for some of our readers Stephanie seems to think it’s a must read
and she’s convinced me.  (Note: I’ll read almost anything.)  If you need another convincing factor check
out the picture posted here.  You’ll notice you can look inside the book and save 25% at
Now how about that.