Going Solo

For some pople, traveling alone is the only way to go. I often feel this way. I think you meet more people and tend
to throw yourself into the local culture a bit more when you are by yourself. Writer Lea Lane agrees.

In her new book, Solo Traveler: Tales and Tips
for Great Trips
, Lea Lane takes a look at all the benefits derived from hoofing it alone, and offers her top ten
best places for doing so.

Here is the list:

1. Amalfi Coast , Top budget pick.

2. Canada, Top budget/solo-friendly pick.

3. Thailand, Top budget pick.

4. Grand Canyon, Top solo experience

5. Canyon Ranch, Top spa pick.

6. Cliffside Inn, Top lodging pick.

7. New York, Favorite solo city/domestic.

8. London, Favorite solo city/ foreign.

9. Peter Deilmann Cruises, Top river cruise

10. Windstar, Top small cruise line.