Lightload Towels

If this article doesn’t read exactly like an
infomercial I don’t know what does, but I’ll keep it
simple.  How many of your hate packing towels for your camping trips or any trip? Yeah
me too.  They are bulky and just take up way too much space, right? (Nods, head up and down rapidly.)  Well
according to eMedia Wire there’s this hot, new,
ultra Lightload Towel on the market which is easy to pack, extremely
versatile and dries up in minutes. (Snaps fingers.)  Folks, this towel can be used as a coffee-filter or
even as an emergency fire-starter. (Audience claps.)

Sigh, how about you just check out the new ultra Lightload Towel yourself.  It actually does sound pretty great
and that’s with all jokes aside.