Checking Out Vancouver

The Northwest is always held out as a great paddling destination. And for very good reason. IT KICKS ASS. There is
something almost spiritual about paddling up in Vancouver. But the
whole area is ripe for general exploration, whether by kayak or car.

Here’s an article that takes you around the region as part of a five day meander up the island’s east coast. In this
driving/kayaking tour you head from Victoria to the town of Campbell River, along Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Highway
19A—a one-way roll of 165 miles, or an average of 33 miles per day.

Taking it slow in this part of the world is a necessity, as it is the details of the place that are so great. The
small roads that you turn on and run into an old totem pole, the unknown bays where you discover the ideal place to
have lunch. Just thinking about it now brings break great memories of the place.