Djibouti Day

Remember how it was cool to create a theme day because you felt like it? Like National Go See A Movie Day, National Pull Your Sister’s Hair Day (my brother’s all time fav), National Go Kick Rocks Day, or National Hang Ten Day. I’m sure you get the picture. Well today seems like a great day to create a day and I’m requesting a Learn About Djibouti Day.

This African country sits between Eritrea and Somalia and is slightly smaller than Massachusetts. Djiboutians have an average life expectancy of 43 years and will spend those years speaking French and/or Arabic, the two official languages of the country. Though the country doesn’t see tourists too often when times are relaxed from strife, adventure seekers will find the black lava fields, endless plains and strange natural chimney’s interesting sites. Divers will have a blast checking out the coral reefs in the Red Sea.

You can start learning more about Djibouti by visiting the CIA World Factbook and then stroll through Lonely Planet Online.