Travel Writing Class

Well, if there’s any theme to the day’s posts, it would have to be travel writing. First of all, you can’t miss our
gadling interview with Lonely Planet’s
Don George. Don is a great guy and offers some excellent advice on how to make it in the world of travel writing.

But here’s more for the aspiring travel writer. Media
Bistro is offering
a class in how to make it in the rough and tumble world of travel writing. Here’s what you’ll
learn in the class:

  • What qualifies as an outdoors or adventure story

  • Venues that print those stories (from sports to teen and children magazines)

  • How to generate ideas

  • The best way to approach editors

  • How adventurous or not you have to be

  • How to pitch adventure to non-adventurous magazines

  • Resources for finding adventure stories

Media Bistro does great stuff, so if you’re in California, give this class some serious thought.