Taste-Drive: An Estonian Cuisine Experiment

This one is all over the map, but great!  Some clever folks decided to take five lucky participants
from different parts of the globe to taste test some popular
Estonian dishes.  The participants
weren’t given the details of what they would be eating until after they were finished as not to influence the opinion
of the foods flavor.  Their thoughts were recorded on each dish before and after finding out that they had just
tasted such items like blood sausage, jellied meat, tongue, and marinated eel.  Oh Yum!

A really good read to learn more about Estonia’s foods, where to dine in Estonia and how to prepare the
dishes at home as well.  Still, I think my favorite quote comes Martin of Germany who at first says the
tongue looks like the sole of a shoe, but is probably some big animal’s heart.  He gave the dish two thumbs