Diver Sued For Being Bad Buddy

This seems lame to me.

The widow of a Laguna Niguel diver who died is suing his “diving buddy” for $4.5 million and alleging her husband’s
friend caused his death. According to a preliminary investigation done at the time, the dead diver’s air hose became
disconnected and his buoyancy compensator failed. The Orange County coroner ruled the death an accidental

The wife says that the dive buddy’s actions, “whether negligent or intentional,” caused the diver’s death. In other
words, she alleges in the lawsuit that the diver didn’t die because of equipment malfunction or because he panicked
after a medical problem, but because the dive buddy didn’t help. That the two had a “special relationship” that
required him to come to the aid of his diving partner.

Dunno, you nkow. Accidents happen. Seems like the lady is either distraught to the point of insanity or greedy and
taking advantage of a horrible tragedy to make money.