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I wasn’t sure I read this right at first.
A story about snorkeling in Norway’s
fjords? Yes, it’s true, in the icy waters of Tysfjord in Norway…way way up there where right now the nights are long.
The whales come to the fjord, which is almost 3,000 feet deep, and between October and late January, they
munch on the vast swarms of herring who come to the fjords after feasting themselves on  plankton in the
Norwegian Sea.

The herring gather in massive schools and are quite sluggish, as far as herring go. That makes the smorgasbord
that much easier for the whales. Most people will visit just to watch the whales dine from the comfort and security of
the boat. Alas, the fellow who wrote this article, as I say, jumped in and got a herrings eye view of the whole