Exotic Foods Without The Travel Hassle

You won’t see the folks over at
Gothamist doing any fancy
passport flashing at customs in some
Chinese airport, but what you may find is a whole lot of
Metrocard action on the way down to Chinatown.  Well at least that’s the way they were feeling today when they
posted this great bit on some of NY’s local eats.  Skip over to

Jade Plaza
or the Hong Kong Supermarket for your
Chinese treats.  Pass on the jet-lag after getting to Italy, Gothamist recommends
Arthur Avenue for those in search
of Italian markets.  It seems they may be on to something in exploring your neighborhood dining spots, but
isn’t it just so much nicer to have your dim sum in the bustling Shanghai streets?  


So even if I missed the point of their blogging woes they still have some great rec’s if you’re in the NY