Kitty Hawk Kites

Last year a friend of mine got me this beautiful huge lady bug kite for my birthday.  It surely
wasn’t something I thought I needed nor would have bought for myself in the near
future, but that is exactly what made it one of the most enjoyable and relaxing gifts
ever.  Perhaps she took notice to my constant day dreaming or my need to be in flight, but in any case
my kite has soared across many skies since that birthday.

Anyhow, I found a great site for all kinds of kites including stunt kites, parafoils, delta kites, diamond kites,
dual kites, and dragon kites to name a few.  A kite is a gift that will please almost anyone and
Kitty Hawk Kites has a huge variety.  For those of you yawning
at the mere thought of flying a kite, at least swing by the site to check out the awesome kite boarding, hang
gliding, or kayaking shops.