Watch Review: Barato y Caro

I’m on the lookout for a new watch and
decided to look around and test drive a few…several that are within my range, and a couple that are not. I wanted
reliability most of all, as well as features like the ability to go underwater and, where possible, cool features like
an altimeter.

After spending some time talking to folks and looking around, here are the results so far. I’ll be posting other
discoveries as I go along.


In the expensive range, the Breitling is the king of the hill.  The screw-lock push buttons on the
BREITLING Chronomat Evolution make this a watch that can go to
1000 feet…which means you’re body will pop before the watch does. It is elegant and amazingly sturdy, I mean really
sturdy, an amazing piece of engineering. But of, course, at $3,630, it should be. 

Another pricey watch is the Seiko’s Sportura Kinetic
. Like most watches these days, it has a built-in stopwatch, but the elegance and durability of this
watch makes it a strong second place. But it, too, is pricey at $3,500.


On the cheaper side, I think my favorite watch so far is the

Suunto X3
. I got to test drive one of these babies and was very pleased. It is elegant in design, simple as pie,
sleek and with all the functionality you want including a stopwatch, but it also features a heart rate monitor,
altimeter, barometer and thermometer. I took it to the top of my building and got almost giddy watching the altitude
climb as I went up the elevator. Can’t wait to try it out in the mountains.

This is the one I recommend if you’re looking for something cheap and easy. Hopefully, I’m going to be looking at
several of the Timex watches in the near future and will post about what I find.