Camera Shoot Out

We’ve talked a bit about the virtues of digital
photography and the new Digi-SLRs on the market. Folks here, in fact, came out so bullish for the Nikon D70 that I went
out and bought one. And let me say this: I don’t regret it at all. NADA. Digital SLRs are the way of the future. My
shooting life is totally different now that I dumped my point-and-click Nikon 995 and picked up the D70. During my
travels to Asia and India, I lost countless pictures due to shutter lag. Dozens of shots missed because an amazing
expression on a person’s face changed by the time the fricken shutter decided to go off. Well, typically, just a few
months after I bought my D70, both Nikon and Canon are coming out with updated versions of their pro-sumer

The NYT runs an
article comparing
the two new cameras, with a  positive review of both, and with neither of them coming out
significantly on top. Give it a read.