GTHO: Turks and Caicos on the Cheap

It’s time for our weekly GTHO (Get the Hell Out) post.

The Turks and Caicos is a small group of islands in the Caribbean where, I say this without reservation, you will
find some of the best diving on the planet. The islands are quiet, more or less unsullied by tourism, and quite
fun…fun, that is, if diving, hanging out reading on the beach is your idea of fun. If your idea of fun is Senor Frogs
and Wet-T-shirt contests, T&C isn’t for you.

Today MSNBC runs a piece on Turks and Caicos deals, getting
there, staying there, diving there. Prices are relatively low, though not pauper cheap. But if you are considering a
short-term trip to GTHO for a long weekend somewhere, this could be your ticket.

Here are some of the sample fares:

  • From $564 – Miami (American)

  • From $664 – New York (Delta)

  • From $697 – Washington, D.C. (American)

  • From $738 – Chicago (Multiple carriers)

  • From $862 – Los Angeles (Multiple carriers)