Keeping Jai-Alai Alive

When I heard NPR’s report on the
declining popularity of the Miami jai-alai scene, something
inside of me grew sad.  I may not be a huge fan of the world’s fastest sport or even
close, but it does have some special memories from my childhood.  For me it was something to watch on
simulcast when my mother dragged me to the horse races. Ugh!  When I was bored with the horses I turned my
attention to the players hurling pelota’s (hard rubber
balls) against the wall from the cesta’s (a wicker
basket) attached to their arms.  I could have sworn it was all happening at the speed of light.

So what?  Oops! It’s too late right? Well, even if you aren’t into gambling consider skipping South Beach
for one day to check out the sport. It probably won’t vanish overnight, but without fan support or even a
tourist or two to accidentally stumble in, it could just happen in the coming years.  With all
Miami has to offer, Jai Alai is a real spectator’s sport and
cheap retreat for anyone looking for a