Relaxing in Japan’s Ryokan

The Fukuzumiro ryokan found in the Japanese resort town of Hakone-machi was established in 1890 by a former
samurai.  A ryokan is a traditional Japanese Inn which boasts both elegance
and a glimpse of the country’s historic lifestyle, which
CNN describes in further
pleasant detail.   

Finding a piece of heaven could very well be possible at the inn should you allow yourself to indulge in a
more than average hotel stay.  In other words skip running the streets of Japan as ryokan offer a good
mix of history with culture. Let your street shoes be replaced by soft slippers and the beginning of your uber relaxed
stay to be guided by the nakai.  Arrive early for a hot soak before dinner and keep in mind you’ll probably
be using a communal bath, which has long been tradition. (Make sure you note ryokan etiquette before
hand.)  Afterwards, prepare for a  multi-course meal called, kaiseki.   Keep an open mind,
your head in clouds, and leave feeling culturally enriched. 

Interested parties looking to make arrangements to stay at a ryokan can find further information