Fear of Flying

Though most of us here probably find boarding a plane a breath of fresh air, the brink of a new
adventure, or a painful endeavor to the other side of the world we typically bite the
bullet until we reach our final destination.  All with no worries or few if any, yet there are many who are most
terribly frightened of flying.  For example a good friend of mine has no problems exploring New
Zealand by way of the Discovery Channel, but the mere mention of hopping aboard a plane get’s me that, ‘are you
insane,’ face. Flying is a big no-no for my friend.  The reality is, as much as I want my friend to see
the world my peer pressure surely isn’t going to get her there any faster than the TV.  With all that being said,
MSNBC has a nice helpful hand of advice for the ancy traveler and
ways to overcome the phobia.  I’m sure this read can be passed along to at least one person we know.