Aliens of the Deep

I blogged over at
divester yesterday about
Aliens of the Deep in IMAX, which I had just
seen, and I thought it was such an incredible experience that I wanted to mention it here too.

James Cameron of True Lies, Terminator fame is now something of an underwater explorer. And he led a team of
biologists, astrophysicists, and other young and surprisingly photogenic souls on a series of deep deep dives to the
black depths of the ocean…at from 3000-8000 feet. They go down there with hugely expensive 3D cameras and almost Star
Wars-like submersibles, and they shoot around the hydro-thermal vents at the bottom of the ocean…or more specifically,
along the geologically active area around the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. You see the film wearing 3D-glasses which is always
kind of goofy. But the experience is anything but.

This is a terrific film and about as excited as I’ve been at a movie theater in a long while.  Some of the
footage is so amazing, you really can’t believe it’s real. There are several scenes of such breath-taking beauty that
you almost fall out of your chair. As I mentioned at Divester, too, there are a couple of CGI scenes that I wish had
been left out of the film since they distracted from the real stuff. But all in all this is a film that you should see
alone, with friends, with your kids, whatever. Check your local listings and see the film. Don’t wait for it to come
out on DVD. The IMAX experience is too good to miss.