All You Crazy Skydivers

Last week my friend plunged her way out a plane for some birthday sky dancing.  It was her first
time, it was incredible, and it was everything WOW!  Today I stumble across a

spine-chilling article
from the Sun-Sentinel on a Gus Wing III, a legendary aerial photographer who had
been jumping from planes for 30 years.  In a freak diving accident with the Twin Otter aircraft Wing and
the other’s had leapt from, Wing lost his life.  (Shudders.) 

I’m not one to try to spook anyone from doing anything (risks come with everything), but from both stories I
realized we don’t cover much on skydiving.  It certainly is an adrenaline seekers adventure and you can’t get
anymore engaged than having your heart feel as if it’s going to explode out of your chest.  For
those reasons I thought it might be a good idea to point first timers or any interested party to
Dropzone.  Dropzone is an amazing site
for skydiving fanatics to get information on gear, dropzones, aerial photography, and most importantly safety
tips.   The article found here
will guide you in learning to skydive in five basic steps.  Happy dives!