Ode to the Armrest Hog

You know how awful it is when the guy next to you on a flight hogs
the armrest? Or when he takes off his shoes and wiggles his pudgy little business guy toes and overwhelms the cabin
with his foot fetor?

MSNBC lists the top ten annoying things fellow travelers do, and
while I wish the article was more, well, abusive, it does list several of the more annoying habits of certain
people who travel…people whom you have at some point almost assuredly met. You KNOW who you are.

The complaints are all pretty good…tame but good. No mention of the shoes-off infraction,
but the number one annoying habit of fellow travelers is unquestionably a pet peeve of mine: 
Traveling While Sick.  Oh man, Don’t you hate that?! Some coughing, sneezing motherf%$# in the
seat in front of you casting his death spores all over the cabin. Stay at home George! Eat some chicken soup and stay
in bed. Why infect us because you just can’t call and postpone your stupid widget convention?

While I’m thinking about it, here are five couple others that were not mentioned in the article:

  • bathroom unclean: how hard is it to wipe the seat down? To throw away your used towels?

  • finishing the crossword puzzle and putting the magazine back in the seat. The magazine is free! Take it with
    you, or throw it away after you’ve done the puzzle.

  • crying babies: can we PLEASE get a “cone of silence” section for infants?! 

  • games that beep: please tell junior to turn the sound on his Game Boy off!

  • reading John Grisham books: I know, a bit esoteric, but aren’t these books about as bad as sitcom television?
    You’ve got all this great free time, nothing to do but read and you fill your head with this crap? (OK, ok, I’ve
    enjoyed a Grisham book now and then…but some people, well, this is all they read.)