One Trick While Traveling

I was thinking about
the post I did earlier today on travel annoyances and
remembered a great trick I once thought of when I was sitting next to a kid who was hogging the arm rest.

For the first hour of the flight, the kid kept his pudgy arm on the arm rest between us. His arm, in fact, oozed
over on my side several flabby inches. I tried a few times to give him a little nudge with my elbow, but his rodent
brain didn’t register a clue that I was trying to get him to move his arm. His parents had clearly failed to instruct
him in the proper protocols of community travel.

So, in a very friendly voice, I asked him how old he was. He told me he was 12. I said “you don’t look twelve. You
look much younger.” “I’m twelve…twelve and a half,” he protested. Well, I explained, “if you were really twelve, then
your elbows should lock, because that happens only at 12 years, and I’ll bet they don’t.” I showed him how one
determines if is elbows lock by sticking my own arms out straight, my hands above the headrest in front of me. See? I
said. “Mine lock!” he wheezed. “Look!” And immediately he stuck his arms out straight in front of him to show me. “So
they do, so they do,” I said. “I guess you are twelve.” “See!” said the little boy.

Of course, when he unlocked his elbows, he sadly discovered that there was no purchase for one of them on the arm
rest between us.

And he didn’t get it back for the rest of the flight.