Can’t Leave Home Without It

I love small little insights into high profile folks and celebrities lives.  It really makes me
feel that
much closer to Robin Williams knowing he can’t travel
without his 20 gigabyte iPod so he can rock out to Prince or whatever his name is now. 
USA Today does a
great job letting us into the luggage of traveler’s like Williams, Billy Campbell (TV’s The O.C. and Once and Again),
Tom Joyner (syndicated radio host), and John Walsh (host of America’s Most Wanted) to name a few.  In my mind they
would pretty much be the same as most of us not being able to travel without regular things like toothbrushes, jammies,
and heck socks!  Surprisingly most were rather practical and ordinary with items like books, a journal or an
afghan, but the point is – who cares? Yawns…