Explorers Club Dinner

I meant to post this a while back, but will do so now because I remembered I had some pics from the event. I’ve been
producing a TV story on the Explorers Club here in NYC, one of the most
prestigious clubs around, and every year their dinner attracts legions of big-time explorers.

It takes place in the gargantuan and opulent main ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria. Really amazing. I got to meet
some pretty cool folks like Steve Fossett (left), as well as
Scott Carpenter,
James Watson and
Kathy Sullivan (right: pictured on the stage).
That’s Explorers Club President Richard Wiese coming in on a camel (center). Obviously as a complete nobody, I had to
hang out on the fringes, but it was an exciting experience to meet some of these folks. Before the event, they have a
cocktail hour where exotic foods like scorpions and insects are served…all quite tasty I might add.