Goodbye Dear Po’Boy

Uglesich’s (pronounced YOU-gull-stich’s) is closing its doors to New Orleans after several decades

of serving fresh everything right out of the gulf and bayou.  Delicious plump crawfish
balls and po’ boys stuffed to perfection provide only a glimpse at what the city and its travelers will be
missing in just a couple of weeks. The

NY Times
has a nice farewell and the history of the restaurant which has garnered acclaim all across the
country.  The Uglesich’s, now in their 60’s are ready for retirement and after years of serving some of the
best seafood in the city, I think they deserve a break.  My only suggestion if you’re in New Orleans these
coming days is get there early and well before your stomach starts growling.  The lines may be long as
everyone says goodbye to their favorite dish and to the folks that prepare them.