Disneyland Sub Returns!

It wasn’t exactly Jacques Cousteau, but as a kid filled with wonder, to me the submarine
ride at Disneyland was one of the park’s best
rides. The sub ride and then the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, these were amazing. How sad the
sub ride it was closed.


Since then, Disneyland has gone mostly for the thrill rides. Space Mountain, California Adventure. Great for the
roller-coaster rush crowd, but bad for creative types who saw in these thematic rides a real-world fantasy.


So it was cool to read that the Magic Kingdom is bringing
the submarine ride which is set to re-open in 2007. Like the boing boing folks, I think the idea of
tying the new ride to some marketing scheme is pretty lame…it will be dedicated to Finding Nemo…but we’ll see
how it comes out.

(via boing boing)