20 Years of Windsurfing for Club Mistral

Some things are odd to me and for no real reason.  Like, it blows my at times simpleton mind at
how some of the best windsurfing locations can be found off the coasts of Egypt
and Turkey. And all this is probably fairly striking to me as I’m not much of a windsurfer, but I
certainly found myself caught up in Club Mistral’s history on
the sport as well as their 20 year time span in the biz. 

From the big 80’s boom in windsurfing came several innovations in boards and sails and enthusiasts sought after
distant shores.  Created in 1985 Club Mistral has been known for some of the best windsurfing spots past and
present, but with  the 90’s came a slow decline in the sport.  Many locations have since then been replaced
by new windy destinations, but on the whole Club Mistral is still looked to as one of the best in booking
your next windsurfing adventure.