Flying Over the Alps – Sans Plane

Several years ago I saw a movie at an outdoor film festival about two guys
who took paragliders over the Dolomites. It was an extraordinary film, visually speaking, and planted the
seed that has made me want to try paragliding someday. (quick note: I actually did get to paraglide once, way
back when I lived in Chile, but it was a tandem flight with a friend and it didn’t last very long. Also, it wasn’t over
the Dolomites. I don’t really count that.)


Anyway, after seeing this site I thought again about paragliding, and how cool it would be to soar over the Alps. If
you now what you’re doing, you can go to a place like the
Verbier Summits, which offers
luxury Alpine paragliding and hang-gliding holidays. Or you can take lessons in the French Alps at a place
like this.  Very cool.