Hokey-Pokey Desi Style

For those of you with happy feet in New Hampshire wanting to embrace classical Indian dance
styles like Bharat Natyam and Manipuri look into
Aangikam Dance Academy located in Nashua, NH. (How I ended up
looking at Indian dance schools in New Hampshire is beyond me, but this one seemed alright.)  The Guru, Jasmine
Shah assures many will leave knowing how to dance Manipuri as it is less technical than most classical Indian
dance forms and is gentle with graceful swaying movements.  And if your feet really happen to get happy some
may be inspired to visit Manipuri which borders Burma and has a reputation for being the legendary land of dance and
music.  And if you can’t make it there at least ‘wow’ your friends over dinner and a show, let’s say
they bring chicken tikka masala, basamati rice and naan while you show off the