Help Out on Hiking Trails

Vacations tend to be somewhat selfish affairs. After all, you’ve been slaving away for
months on end, serving the Man, and when it comes time to bail and do you’re own thing, you’re like “sayonara” to
anything with the foul reek of work.


But consider this. Consider taking a vacation where you actually do give back a little, where you…ok,
let’s not call it work…let’s call it “exert”…where you exert to help build trails in the wilderness, to improve
campsites and cabins. That’s kind of cool, I think.


Well, you can do these things. If you want. Check out the
2005 volunteer schedule on the
American Hiking Society Web site, and consider how you might lend a fist
full o’gravel to the American trail system. The site singles out several
new projects” in

, Georgia, and Nevada.