Hiking the Pacific Coast Trail

America has some epic hikes, some of which get publicity, some of which
don’t. Bill Bryson made the
Appalachian Trail famous, or at least he brought it further prominence
with his book A Walk in the Woods. But the Pacific Coast Trail, while well known to the Pac Coast hiking cognoscenti,
doesn’t often make it into the media.

Well, here’s a story that ran in
the San Jose Mecury News about a small family that walked the train.  Fulfilling a years-long dream Barbara Egbert
(who works for the Mercury News), her husband Gary Chambers and their daughter, Mary, bailed on work and homework,
and set out on an epic 2,658-mile trek from Mexico to Canada. It’s a nice story. Or at least, a nice little
journal about the hike and what’s in store for those brave (or with enough free time) to take it on.