The Latest in Cruise Trends

I can’t say how much it gets under my skin when something takes the place as the “new”
something.  I know what they mean, but still. Being in your 50’s is the
“new” 20’s.  Cruising to Europe is the “new” Caribbean.  Sorry, it’s just not working for me.  If
you’re 51 years old acting like a 21 year old then you are a 51 year old that’s possibly acting a little foolish. 
(Which is okay, but own up to it.) If you find yourself heading to explore French country waterways this summer then
you obviously wanted to see Europe and not the French speaking Martinique in the Caribbean. 

Now that I’ve vented, some of you may wish to proceed to the
list of growing cruise trends found at
AOL.  One of which I barely mentioned above in my rants, but trend watchers note if you can’t afford Europe
by land then go by boat.  It’s actually a fairly decent list, if you’re looking to see where the buzz is this
summer.  I’ll run down a few here:

  • The re-emergence of the middle-aged and middle-sized cruise vessel. 

  • Upgraded cabin amenities.

  • Asia: The exotic new mass market destination.

  • Higher cruise fares.