Paddling in Lewis and Clarks Footsteps

Lewis and Clark are all the rage these days. It seems I’m always coming upon a new story of
someone retracing their footsteps. I like these stories, but hey, enough is enough. Or is it? Are there things we
haven’t seen or heard yet about these two and their epic journey? Is there a writer out there who captures something a
little bit different about the Missouri? Well, sorta.

Here’s a story
about a guy and some buds who kayak the Missouri. Not the whole length mind you, but some 150 miles
of it. And at least he knew how to do it in style. Here’s my favorite line from the piece: “I finished the evening with
a cigar and cognac, listening to the first of Tony’s readings under the stars. Lewis and Clark wish they.” I think old
L&C would have been proud.