Yakiniku Japanese Steakhouse

Described as a mom-and-pop Benihana style restaurant, you’ll find everything from kiddie menus
to performing chefs grilling atop of stainless steel right at your table in Snellville’s,
Yakiniku Japanese Steakhouse.  What
you won’t find is BBQ which could easily confuse a few due to the name of the establishment.  Yakiniku is the
Japanese-style barbecue derived from the Korean-style barbecue, but again don’t come hungry for all this BBQ, or lack
of.  Come prepared for a heated dinner setting and watch as the chefs whip scrambled eggs into fried rice and
delicious steak dinners right under your eyes.  Sushi lover’s worry not as the adjacent room has a small and tasty
bar for all your raw seafood needs. Sounds like a pretty warm cozy place to dine. Mmm…

The restaurant is located off U.S. 78 in Snellville, GA.