Kayaking Mongolia

A pretty cool
article in the New York Times
about kayaking in Mongolia by Jan Goodwin. Somewhat unusual for the Times to run a
piece like this…more often you see the articles like the
cover piece on the glitz and expense of Dubai,
the up and coming Middle Eastern capital awash in oil wealth (you wondered where your $2.50 a gallon was going?).

But I really liked this article as it was a nice mixture of outdoors adventure and a quick immersion into a culture
that I don’t think most people even know exists. Goodwin paddles Lake Khovsgol, a 84.5 mile long body of water in the
heart of the country. One thing I found interesting is that Mongolians have no tradition of boating or
swimming, and that they don’t fish because they don’t want to offend the lake god. Fascinating.