Lobster Ice Cream

Can’t say there are too many desserts that turn my stomach or any one particular ice cream flavor I might turn my nose up at until now.  Today I stumbled upon on what has got to be
the most disgusting mix of ingredients in all ice cream history at
About dot com.  And I’m sorry, as
open-minded as I usually come there is no way in hell I’d put a single spoonful of
lobster ice cream near my
palate.  What would make the creators of this lobster ice cream think that on any given hot scorching day in Bar
Harbor, Maine, that I might want to stroll into their establishment and have this crazy concoction? 
Curiosity would be my first guess unless somebody out there really desires this stuff. 

Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium started selling the ice cream in the
early 90’s to prove that their ice cream was in fact homemade.  (Hey, I’m a believer!)  So if you happen to
be in the Bar Harbor area of Maine and have a taste for something sweet and open to something new, I suppose you
could try this lobster ice cream.  Just for kicks, I guess.  Just to say, “I had lobster ice cream!”  If
you can’t get to the New England area this summer you can order
your share and have it shipped and in your arms next day.