Who’s Who Among Discount Airlines

Not long ago I flew down to Savannah, Georgia to hang out with relatives for a long
weekend. This is a great town, by the way. The Spanish Moss droops from the trees as if their branches are haunted by
the laid-back spirits of a million deceased dead-heads. And the squares, one of which is where the opening scene to
Forest Gump was filmed) are charming and just soaked in history. But what I have to say has absolutely nothing to do
with Savannah.  What I have to say is that it occurred to me when I took this trip that I had never heard of the
airline – AirTran – that I was taking. Now some may say, duh! and ponder how I could be so out of touch. But the fact
is that new micro-airlines are popping up all the time, while others are disappearing, and it can be a hassle to keep
track of who’s who and who flies where.

So here is a little primer to help you understand
the brave new world of low-cost, micro airlines. From the well-known JetBlue to the scrappy Independence Air and Spirit
Airlines, you may come away, as I did aware of a few new names…and opportunities for your travel needs.