Book Review: Bird Man And The Lap Dancer

If you’ve never read
Eric Hansen before, it’s time to grab this
book of essays and experience the fun and thrill of reading him.

The Bird Man And The Lap Dancer is a book
of wonderful travel essays by a writer who not only stimulates your curiosity, but also makes you laugh, often out
loud. His adventures are the type that make you look at your own life and ponder what the hell you’re doing
wrong. No bleating fax machines here.

Hansen goes all over the world and indulges in the local color…and sometimes more than that. For example, he
samples hallucinogenic kava on Vanuatu, he helps a man search for his wife’s plane crash site on Borneo, he works at
Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying Destitute in Calcutta, he survives a cyclone while working on a prawn trawler (a la
O’Hanlon), and he meets a ornithologist who takes topless dancers on bird-watching expeditions with him.

This is the real deal, folks. Real passion, real adventure, and really good writing. The book has received some
positive reviews from all over, but I give it a big gadling thumbs up. Great stuff. And I promise, it’s good enough,
you’ll blow through it.