LP Asks You to Support National Passport Month

One of our favorite travel-dudes out there, Don George,
Lonely Planet’s global travel editor, sent out a note earlier asking people
to support a new initiative making September National Passport Month. Not a bad idea at all. The point of the would-be
law is to get more people – well, Americans – to shed their isolationist tendencies and start seeing more of the

George writes: “We believe that the passport is a portal to discovery, education and connection, and our goal is to
focus national attention on the many benefits of having and using a passport.”

Folks, this is a fine idea. In my opinion, it ought to be accompanied by a “Get More Vacation” bill as well that
increases the amount of vacation Americans get to four from two weeks (which, by the way, is not even mandatory), but I
guess that’s another argument for another post.

Anyway, to show your support, send an email to
passport@lonelyplanet.com stating that you endorse National Passport
Month. Add your name and the name of your organization as you would like it listed. Be cool. Do it now. And while
you’re at it, listen to our recent
with Don.