More On High-Tech Hotels

LA Times has a piece on
over complicated
in hotel rooms these days.  Things that should
be fairly simple like alarm clocks seem to be extremely
complicated to operate for the ‘Average Joe’ just wanting to wake up on time.  Sure it’s nice to walk into a
room full of cool high-tech gear, but if it’s more work than it’s worth, forget it.  There’s no point breaking a
sweat trying to operate a coffee maker on your vacation.  Hotels are listening though, to rants on the user
friendliness of it all and steps are being taken to give people what they want without having to think too much. 
It’s the least they can do right?

The cool little cow clock was something I
found while shopping online and writing.  He doesn’t look too difficult to operate, but how looks can be
deceiving! Anyhow,do you have any hotel gadget stories?